Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder set for Sin City showdown

Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder set for Sin City showdown

The heavyweight boxing scene hasn’t been as exciting as it is today for more than a generation, but it’s about to get a lot more interesting. Long term rivals Tyson Fury and Deonay Wilder are ready to settle their ongoing grudge in Las Vegas. Fury v Wilder III will take place at the T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, on July 24.

The world heavyweight title will be on the line as the pair clash for the third time, and the great news is there will be thousands of fans in attendance. As covid regulations continue to ease, supporters will be permitted entry to the Vegas stadium while millions more watch the live action around the world. 

You can spice up your enjoyment of the fight that is scheduled for 12 rounds by making your predictions on the outcome. The leading Las Vegas sports betting apps are accepting bets on the bout with a wide range of markets and specials available

The opinions of fight fans are split on this one as Wilder aims to battle back from the defeat suffered against Fury last time. He did knock the Englishman to the canvas twice in the opening fight, so will be determined to finish the job this summer.

“Tyson Fury” by Steve Marcus/Reuters is licensed under CC BY 3.0

Tyson dominates the head-to-head

The showdown in Las Vegas will be the third time these two warriors have shared a ring and Tyson dominates the head-to-head stats on 1-0-1. The first bout ended in a 114-114 split decision draw despite Fury looking a clear winner to many. He showed his superior boxing skills, racking up a sizable lead on the scorecards. Wilder did knock the Englishman down twice and the two 10-8 rounds helped level up the score.

There was no doubting who the better fighter was in the rematch with Fury emerging as a comfortable victor. More of the same was predicted by fight fans with The Gypsy King boxing and moving, winning the rounds on points and steering clear of The Bronze Bomber’s knockout power. The fight didn’t go as expected, however, with Fury immediately going on the front foot.

He took the fight to the fighter, using his natural size and weight advantage to force WIlder onto the backfoot. Walking his man onto the ropes, Fury did something no one expected and he dropped Wilder in rounds three and five before the American’s corner team threw in the towel. This was a sign of mercy that saved their fighter from suffering any further punishment when it was obvious he was a beaten man.

“Deontay Wilder” by PBC is licensed under CC BY 3.0

The scene is set

The scene is now set for a deciding bout. Fury, his fans and team will believe they hold a 2-0 victory over Wilder as he should have been given the result in the first fight. Tyson has already said to the media in the build up to the trilogy that the third fight will be even easier as he stole his rival’s soul last time. The pressure is on the American to fight back and save face in his own country. 

Wilder may have the home nation advantage as an American fighting in Vegas but it’s the Brit who will enjoy the backing of most in attendance. Fury is big news in America and he has won many fans on that side of the Atlantic due to his exciting fighting style, likeable personality and his post-fight live signing. He’s a character the American public have taken to and many fans will want to see him stamp his authority on Wilder. They’ll want to see him KO The Bronze Bomber again.

How do the bookies see it? We can take a lot from the thoughts of the Vegas traders who are backing Fury strongly. The Englishman is red-hot favourite to win the fight. The betting makes it a case of how he wins, rather than if. Bettors are being asked to decide between another KO or a points verdict.

That leaves Wilder at a big price to cause an upset. Those backing Deontay have an easier job than those putting their cash on Fury. That’s because the American can only fight one way and win one way. His best chance comes from landing a knockout blow.