Survival Of The Fittest: Work At Home Is A Battlefield

Survival Of The Fittest: Work At Home Is A Battlefield

Academic term on-hold, malls closing down, hospitals being in full capacity status, and airports being shut down are just some examples of how this global pandemic, Covid-19, hit society. Not being able to prepare for any calamities takes a heavy toll on every family or individual.

Surviving in this lifetime requires the ability to provide for oneself. That is why finding a job and having one is a must. In 2021, an estimate of 60% of the US population spends their working hours at home, thus giving a positive correlation rate between longer working hours and productivity rate.

Here’s the catch, longer hours mean exhaustion, eye strain, and migraine caused by intense use, especially when using a desktop or laptop, fatigue, unhygienic practices, absence of physical activities like walking or jogging, and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Let us see if you’re one of the few who’s doing Work From Home right!

Dress For The Occasion


Work starts at 9:00 AM, and guess what, you are still wearing those pajamas. Worst thing? You wore it till 5:00 PM, the end of your shift.

Most individuals take this “pajamas” idea for granted. Showering in the morning before starting that Work From Home setup will give you energy, improve your mood, and put you in a proper disposition to start your day.

According to Dr. Galinsky, a professor at Northwestern University, there is a link between your feelings, productivity, and performance in relation to what you actually wear at home for that Zoom meeting.

Sneaky Lifter


Who told you liftings are only done in the gym and exercising should be in standing motion accompanied by that Adidas sports attire of yours? You got it wrong.

According to Total Shape, making use of different exercise equipment like resistance bands, small free weights, and handballs already puts your body in motion. It can also be used as a warmup and stretching to start that blood flowing.

These are the stuff you can use while sitting. Imagine lifting dumbbells while in meetings or waiting for that video edit to be rendered. Sneak in any exercise you can get. You never know, squeezing that exercise ball of yours might give you an idea on whether to hold or trade that stock of yours

Chew The Dew

Whether you feel like eating or not, you should! Remember, you are here to survive the new normal setup of working at home and eating is one of many ways to do it. Eating is not just about meals; chew that honeydew.

Go to the grocery store and get your favorite go-to foods. Dried fruits or nuts contain vitamin E and protein. Yogurt has probiotics to help your tummy in check. Popcorn is 100% whole grain, so you’re about to get fiber, magnesium, B vitamins, and more. If you’re already running out of energy and losing creativity, try some dark chocolates, it contains magnesium, sugar, and caffeine.

Spec Ops


This is not a discussion about Spec Ops mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare; rather, it is more of special optimization.

Work from home is a battlefield, and you cannot bring a sword in a gunfight. A laptop or desktop is your weapon. Make sure it can manage your daily activity. Do not be afraid to upgrade because it will speed up your work, you can multitask, and it’s less frustrating if there’s no lag or data corruption along the way.

Things to consider and upgrade:

  • CPU – For a fast with a high rate of workload, consider more cores and higher clock speed.
  • RAM – Video and photo editing, attending online conferences, browsing, and playing some music will eat up your RAM. If you can’t even open 10 tabs in google, it is a sign that you have low memory. Nowadays, the preferred RAM would be 8 GB.
  • GPU – Consider upgrading this if your work heavily depends on visual data like image and video processing. If you’re an avid fan of Call of Duty Warzone, take note of this requirement for your setup.

If you think browsing the internet with 10 tabs, playing some music, just using Microsoft Word or Excel, and attending Google meetings does not require an upgrade, think again. You might not notice it, but it is slowing you down.

Find A Paw


Dogs are not just for your protection and security when you’re scared of burglary. According to the Mental Health Foundation, the companionship provided by pets reduces stress and anxiety.

It can be a bold move for others, especially if it will be their first time taking care of another living being. Considering your pet’s needs like food (check shelter, and care may be intimidating, but knowing the benefits outweigh any worries, it can be the best decision you’ll ever make.

Psychologically, pets help their owners cope up with loneliness, anxiety caused by work, and the feeling of isolation. Other research even stated that people experiencing ADHD may benefit from having one.

So, how do you choose the right pet for you? Start by considering your space. There are many dog breeds that come in different sizes, and we understand their need for space as well. Next would be its diet; the bigger the breed, the higher the consumption.


Whatever your decision may be, just remember that it will greatly affect everything in your life eventually. In this time of uncertainties, choosing to set aside your physical and mental health just because you wanted to work more, could not say no, or you’re trying to suck it all up, think again. The new normal setup is not going anywhere yet. Different companies are even considering “Work At Home” the preferred workplace already. So for you to be able to stay in this game for a very long time, do your part and do what’s necessary.