How To Unlock Android Phone Password Without Factory Reset?

How To Unlock Android Phone Password Without Factory Reset?

We all have me across a situation where we have forgotten our Android phone’s password. At that moment, we don’t have any other option left apart from factory reset – right? However, some more hacks unlock your phone’s password and access the device easily. 

Generally, when we talk about an Android’s password, its role is to protect the divide from unauthorized access. Pins, patterns, and passwords are some common ways for unlocking your device, although each of these has several risks involved. For example, if you forget them suddenly, you will be helpless during emergencies. 

Imagine this situation has happened to you, and you have no one to assist you. Indeed, you will feel frustrated also may come across different unfavorable aftereffects. Additionally, factory reset will lead you to lose vital data that you have not backed up yet.  

So in this article, I have covered some life-saving ideas for Android users. These would help you to understand ‘how to unlock Android phone password without factory reset.’

How To Unlock Android Phone Password Without Factory Reset?

Until now you have got an idea of what the article is going to speak about. But the question is how to unlock Android phone password without factory reset? So sit back and relax; we will narrate those in the next section.

Unlocking your phone is what you do every single minute. Hence, knowing different tricks related to it is mandatory so that you can avoid risks in crises. Thus, let us understand at first what does the term Factory Reset refers to. 

What Is Factory Reset In Android Phone?

In its simple terms, Factory data reset erases all your data from your Android handset. It is almost similar to formatting the hard drive of a computer that deletes all information. 

When you apply factor reset in an Android phone, the phone goes back to its default version. That is the version which the phone had when you had bought it. Therefore, regular factory reset is nothing but an unnecessary hassle. 

To be precise, all the recent Android versions encrypt the data on your phone. Unfortunately, there is no other way to recover the information. It is because, once you do it, you need to set your device up again the way you want. 

However, with time, cache and data get stored up in the phone. Asa result, it is justified to make a reset during that time. Factory reset is a popular option to unlock in case the password is lost, and you don’t remember the same. 

Nevertheless, as it erases data permanently, many users do not find it favorable. It is because, once you do it, you need to set your device up again the way you want. Here are a few other options that you can follow to unlock your phone without it. Read the following section carefully to know – how to unlock Android phone password without factory reset.

Steps To Unlock An Android Phone Without A Factory Reset? 

Unlock Your Android Set With A Google Account

In this case, access the Google Account that is linked to the phone. Then follow the steps below:

  • When you input the wrong pattern for the 6th time, a message will appear after thirty seconds.
  • Click the Forget Pattern option at the lower part of the screen.
  • Enter your Gmail account linked to the device and hit the Next button.
  • Here you go. Now you can set a new pattern or pin. 

Use The Backup Pin

It is the second favorable option that you can choose to get access to the Android Set without factory reset. Maybe you have noticed that a security pin is asked while creating a password or pattern on your device. 

Now adhere to the steps below to use the Backup pin for reopening the account wisely:

  • Navigate to the Pattern lock on the Android Device.
  • Then after several failed attempts to unlock. You will get the message after thirty seconds.
  • After that, you will see an option like ‘Backup Pin.’ Click it and wait for the system’s response.
  • Now enter the backup pin and click OK.
  • Finally, after entering the backup pin, you can unlock your device. 

Make Use Of The ADM (Android Device Manager)

Don’t you know what ADM is? Most probably because its new name is – ‘Find My Device.’ The main context of using this feature is slightly different from the others. It is not only feasible to change the password when your device is stolen but also it. 

See the steps below to learn more:

  1. Sign in to your Google account from from a PC or any other android device. After that, select the phone that you would like to unlock.
  2. Choose the ‘lock’ option from the three given options that the device will show you. 
  3. You will see a new pop-up window. From this, you can easily set a new password for your Android Handset.
  4. As the last step, confirm it. That’s all. Now quickly find your Android Device and then enter the new password. 

The Bottom Line 

Locking android phones is a necessity nowadays to keep your necessary information safe from unparliamentary access. Moreover, it protects your data from intruders, data hackers, pickpocketers. 

In addition, if you have kids below seven years in your home, locking your phone is the ultimate option to prevent the data from getting misplaced or deleted. Simultaneously, forgetting passwords is not unnatural. We tend to forget what pattern or pin we have set for our handset with loads of daily tasks. As you have understood from the explanation above, it can cause you a lot of trouble. Hence, trying the above three methods would surely help you get rid of the problem.

Now that you have learned how to unlock Android phone password without factory reset, you can use the tactics effortlessly when needed.

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